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Founder & Attorney Lead (IP & Tech Transactions) @ CoreServe Legal |

Launching a new brand is exciting and exhausting, with hours upon hours devoted to honing every feature to get it just right. But, many marketing professionals and other business leaders miss a critical step in the process that can render all of their efforts meaningless. That step is to check the trademarks, service marks and other marks used to make sure they are protectable under trademark law and will not violate a competitor’s marks. Without it, the company risks wasting valuable time and resources, and can even be exposed to a costly lawsuit. …


Content marketing is now a critical tool for growing your business. Brute force strategies are losing ground as consumers increasingly expect to connect to brands in more meaningful ways. This trend is reinforced by socio-technological changes, like the rise of social media influencers and evolving search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Thus, traditional players — like publishers or digital media companies — are no longer the only ones with an interest in protecting creative content. In today’s digital economy, every business needs to be a content-focused business.

The problem with this new reality is that few people understand what it means…

Not a passive observer, a hero, or an arbiter, but an uncompromising advocate

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Our friends are locked in a battle for their humanity being fought on all fronts. They must — simultaneously — shine light on injustice, challenge an oppressive system, develop solutions to engineered problems, mend wounds to their psyche, livelihoods, and collective legacy, and, perhaps most tragically, justify their very existence beyond the spectrum between invisibility and survival. To do so, and delaying their own healing, they must first persuade the intellectual, comfort the fearful, appease the righteous, entertain the inattentive, and combat the violent. In short, they must present the perfect case against society’s arbitrary, amorphous assumptions to a varied…

When Nancy Pelosi Realized She and Trump Are Playing By Different Rules

It rarely pays to be the only adult in the room.

In contract negotiations (a major part of my day job), unreasonableness can be an effective tool for obtaining maximum concessions. Sure, one party’s unreasonableness can blow up the deal and cause both sides to lose out on a mutually beneficial bargain. But, when one party is genuinely seeking compromise while the other is stonewalling, misrepresenting facts, and resorting to extreme acts of emotional indulgence, the compromising party tends to give ground.

I have seen this reality of…

Maybe It’s Not Your Fault, But It is Your Responsibility

I have greatly benefitted from privilege throughout my life.

I am a white heterosexual male who grew up in a middle-class, two-parent household in the American suburbs and who has not suffered physical disabilities or intense trauma. I did not choose these characteristics or earn their advantages. I feel, at once, not to blame for the problem but responsible for helping to develop a solution. Although that solution is far from obvious and beyond my capacity to solve alone, I believe there are a few preliminary steps people like me…

My Story on a Fight that is Brutal, Relentless, and Worth It


The service industry’s ethos is summed up in a simple phrase: “The customer is always right.” This phrase impresses upon employees the supremacy of customer satisfaction, even if attainment demands an unreasonable sacrifice (at least when viewed from the employee’s, or a neutral observer’s, perspective). It exposes the raw power of economic anxiety in a time when all aspects of the human experience are vulnerable to monetary trade-offs. …

An Open Letter to My Family for the Holidays

Photo by Aaron Schwartz from Pexels

Dear Loved Ones,

The American family is shattered, but I have hope that most pieces still lay roughly in place — ready to be fused together to focus shared values and block common threats. This hope is not a naïve fantasy to produce a crystal-clear or seamless union. Our country has never realized such firm homogeneity. Instead, my hope is that the diverse shards of our lives can be united in purpose to tell our common story in a beautiful, albeit imperfect, mosaic.

Although my hope extends to every far-off stranger who desires a more “united” United States, I feel…

Parker N. Smith

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